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We are honoured to be part of the first European solo exhibition by celebrated Canadian artist Maurice Vellekoop, at Manchester’s vibrant arts and music venue and bar, Twenty Twenty Two.

Maurice has been teasing and tantalising with his witty and wonderful queer illustrations (right), celebrating sex-positive attitudes, personal empowerment and the importance of erotic fantasy, in book, comics and major magazines, for over 20 years.

When curator Bren O’Callaghan invited us to provide an event as part of the exhibition, we suggested a return visit to Erotic Film Society by leading British creator of gay and straight porn, Amory Peart, who enthralled an audience in London last November as he dished the dirt about more than two decades making blue movies and his slyly subversive approach to sex on screen.

Maurice Vellekoop's World Of Gloria Badcock Amory Peart

Twenty Twenty Two, The Basement, 20 Dale Street, Manchester M1 1EZ

(entrance on Little Lever Street)

Tickets: £5.00 (advance via Eventbrite + £0.78 booking fee) / £7.00 (on the door)

7:30pm Thursday 4 September 2014

Owing to the nature of this event, strictly over 18 only. Proof of identity may be requested. We reserve the right to refuse admission.

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Erotic Film Society aims to develop appreciation and enjoyment of cinematic sex in all its many manifestations; to re-evaluate and celebrate the work of film-makers and performers who shaped this century-old, 'shadow' of the mainstream film industry; and to encourage quality in contemporary erotic cinema though a better understanding of the genre.

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We are delighted to welcome Amory to talk about his richly varied career, his approach to shooting sex and his thoughts about sexuality.

For this special Manchester show, the evening has been expanded to encompass his most recent projects and will be illustrated with newly re-mastered clips from his career - from a recently rediscovered, rare example of his early experimentation up to his most recent hetero parodies.

If you are likely to be offended by images of straight and/or gay sex, we recommend that you do not attend. Otherwise, come with an open mind and prepare to be entertained and have your expectations challenged in equal measure.

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"I always had a fascination with recording sex and gender. Porn mags and films seemed like such a cliché. Whenever I saw any pornographic images, I wanted to speak for the unspoken, for all those that didn’t see themselves in a porn film. I wanted to create personal, extremely brutal, naturalistic reality porn, warts and all, for gay men. At least I did..."

So please join us for an evening of candid conversation and outrageous excerpts, as we welcome multi-award-winner Amory (left), whose distinctive gay, trans and hetero porn has consistently challenged simplistic definitions of gender and sexuality, putting him in the forefront of queer film-making in the UK.

Amory started making films in the early 1990s with Pout Collective, which he co-founded, and he also documented campaigning by OutRage! The success of his first feature, Butt Buddies, led to it becoming an eight part soap opera. Constantly pushing boundaries, he made Britain’s first ‘bear’ film, Lick Daddy, Suck Bear, and first ‘suit’ film, Straight Acting, about a married businessman’s sexual encounters with skinheads in public toilets.

"Butt Buddies was a mix of sexually active guys - some femme, some butch, some drag - living in a house together, a dramatised reenactment of contemporary gay London sex life. ... There were no ‘bear’ actors when I made Lick Daddy, Suck Bear so I had to hang around Bulk club and I cast at the Kings Arms pub in London. I shot the red light orgy scene with a lamp strapped on my head, to recreate the dark room atmosphere of sexual abandon...”

Butt Buddies still

Next came Piccadilly Pickups, an anarchic tale of a runaway rent boy from Manchester, drawn into a seedy world of porn videos and enforced feminisation by a ‘rich American freak’, played by Alexis Arquette. It screened to great acclaim at festivals around the world.

Piccadilly Pickups was a response to all those that thought the porn industry was glamorous. I thought, what would a pornographer do if he was paid to make gay porn but he wanted to make tranny porn? He’d make gay boy porn stars pretend to be lesbians! ... I twist every film because I believe our sexual minds are the most twisted and unconventional part of our thoughts. There are no restrictions to our sexual fantasies, no political correctness...”

In 2000 Channel 4 television invited Amory to direct and present programmes about contemporary sexuality, resulting in the hour long Sexploration: Sao Paulo and the series, Digital Sex and Future Sex. But the most unexpected turn in his career was still to come...

In 2007, he turned his skills to making sharply observed, tongue-in-cheek, XXX parodies of mainstream feature films and television, aimed at straight men and women. But despite this new audience, he has still retained his customary edge, gleefully playing with Hollywood clichés and porno expectations alike in films such as The Secret Diary Of A Shemale (which features the ghosts of Jack The Ripper’s trans victims!), retro sci-fi Bionic MILF, vampire epic Fang Bang and his tribute to PM Aggie Snatcher, The Iron Lady Garden. He most recently turned his sights on ‘reality’ television in Friends With Benefits Street.

“After making my TV documentaries, I had the opportunity to make some porn for Television X. I began with The Secret Diary Of A Shemale.  I met lots of amazing chicks with dicks and learnt how and why men fancied them. ... So I have finally moved from trans porn to what I call queer heterosexual porn - spoofs set in my favourite eras of the 60s, 70s & 80s. ... My work has gone from reacting against those romantic candles on the beach with gentle sex and back to it again. Now it’s my time to create softer, glamorous, fantasy, couples porn for heterosexuals.”

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Our thanks to Amory Peart, Peccadillo Pictures and Television X
for their generous assistance in making this event possible.

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Cockadoodle: The Erogenous Art of Maurice Vellekoop is supported by Arts Council England and Homotopia Liverpool with additional funding from Manchester Pride.